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WTF are they eating?

Small details of daily life add to the local color of Swedish programs. The food used on the sets catches my eye sometimes, and I like tracking down the details.

Last night I was watching Solsidan (S4:E6, I think), and Mickan served Fredde this at breakfast -- note the heart shape to the pasty stuff on top of the eggs, btw:

Its questionable appearance was made the worse having watched Mickan squeeze that blue tube to complete this ooze-over-eggs-on-toast. It didn't appeal to my American palate, but did make me curious about what might be in that tube and whether she was being sweet or devious.

Hunting for these epicurean details -- mundane to them but exotic to me -- well, I visited, Internet home to Sweden's leading grocer. Even so, it took me a bit of luck and browsing to find the tube. And then I found there's a whole category of squeezy cheese at ICA. Once honed in on that, I was able to track down the iconic blue tube and red cap:

Now, go to the search box, type in tub ost and run your search. (If you're prompted to find & pick a store location, do it by city (efter ort), and pick any city from the list.)

I believe that you'll be amazed to find all the things Swedes whisk into their version of Cheez-Wiz.


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