If your relationship with sunrise is trying to get to bed before it ruins a lovely night, this word belongs on your short list of must-haves.

Never undervaluing the serendipitous and random in acquiring a language, I meandered this evening through Uppsala restaurant reviews and stumbled upon this item:

Kvällskvisten -- "twilight time" ("the branch of the evening" -- very poetic)

The context makes the word all the more memorable. It's the self-descriptive text for Peppar Peppar (, a cool place in central Uppsala:

För oavsett om du besöker oss för att avsluta en affär, fira något speciellt eller bara slinka in på kvällskvisten för att äta något gott, så ska du aldrig bli besviken.

I have the feeling that slinking into this place in the fading light of an Uppsala summer evening to grab something delicious would be an experience. I wonder how late they're open on those long days.


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