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A newer entrant to add to your Swedish-army knife, and a domain name change at NE. is a community-driven dictionary spanning many languages, and is big on examples including images, model pronunciations, and translated sentences. It's the "Less frequent translations" section that really shines, though. In this example using "anta," the meaning that fit the context was "accept."

This feature is a big help when the more common translations just don't fit the circumstance and you need to find a slightly different meaning, regardless of which language you started with.

No single dictionary does it all, but Glosbe has saved my day on a few occasions, it's free, and you don't have to sign in just to browse.

In a move you won't overlook, has 'moved' to Nationalencyklopedin is still running the show, and they've figured out that brand matters more than helping out the few people who would look for a dictionary by searching for "words".

They have a big splash page out front, and they sent an email a while back to all subscribers. At about US$3 per month, I set this up years ago and haven't looked back since. It's good to have in your toolkit.

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